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Vita Vita
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Superficials 1. Superficials
Blue-Yellows 2. Blue-Yellow
Limited Edition 3. Limited Edition
The Flowers 4. The Flowers
Strong-Coloures 5. Strong-Colors
The Naturals 6. The Naturals
Yellow-Ochre 7. Yellow-Ochre
The Specials 8. The Specials
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Thomas Fischer,
born 1957 in Iserlohn (Germany), completed his studies in object design and painting/art at the University (FH) of Münster. He worked as an interior designer, illustrator and graphic arts designer. From 1997 on, he devoted himself fully to painting and set up a studio. He was influenced by the "informal art" of the early postwar years which is rooted in the early modernism, in Picasso’s synthetic cubism and, particularly, in surrealism, although some of his paintings reveal a relation to landscape.
All paintings shown in this exhibition were completed in the year 2002. They were created spontaneously, unplanned and without a sketch being drawn up beforehand. The colors were applied quickly by means of a broad brush or spatula creating the impression of a fleeting movement. A new relation is brought into being by arranging details and "quoting" structures such as the frottage technique which bestows a rather symbolic and surreal significance upon the detail.

Werner Wenig


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